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Sexual assault in nursing homes can have long-term and devastating physical, emotional, and mental effects on victims. Seniors living in nursing homes and other elder care facilities are particularly at risk for sexual abuse since they may be living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Nursing home residents who identify as female and/or who live with Alzheimer’s or dementia are more likely to be sexually abused.

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How common is nursing home sexual abuse?

While sexual abuse is the least common type of abuse reported in nursing homes, it remains shockingly prevalent—and is often underreported. CNN published an investigative piece detailing the epidemic of sexual abuse in American nursing homes. Local news outlets such as The Chicago Tribune and WGN have regularly reported local cases of nursing home sexual abuse.

Who commits nursing home sexual abuse?

Nursing home sexual abuse can be perpetrated by:

  • Staff members
  • Other residents
  • Third parties (such as visiting family members or intruders)

Types of sexual abuse in nursing homes

Sexual abuse includes any unwanted or nonconsensual romantic or sexual conduct. Sexual abuse may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sexual harassment (catcalling, making explicit jokes or comments, sending unwanted messages or pictures, etc.)
  • Sexual assault (rape, sexual violence)
  • Inappropriate touching, grabbing, or kissing
  • Someone exposing themselves to others
  • Displays of lewd materials, such as pornography
  • Threats of sexual violence

Signs a nursing home patient is being sexually abused

Physical and behavioral signs your loved one has been sexually abused may include:

  • Genital trauma
  • Rectal trauma
  • Contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Other unexplained injuries
  • Other notable changes in mood or behavior

Sexual abuse victims may not be willing to admit they are being taken advantage of, even when prompted, because of feelings such as shame, hopelessness, and fear—especially because abusers often use these feelings to control others. Elderly people who have suffered sexual abuse in nursing homes may not even be fully aware of what they have experienced due to cognitive impairments or other ailments. They may even have been coerced into believing the abuse is normal or acceptable.

If you are unable to communicate with your loved one about the abuse or if the nursing home staff denies it, don’t give up. There are many resources available that can help those who are experiencing Chicago nursing home sexual abuse.

What to do if you suspect nursing home sexual abuse

There is always help available for victims of sexual abuse. We recommend doing one or more of the following if you know or suspect a nursing home patient has been victimized:

  • Call a local agency to report the abuse, such as the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services at 312-744-4016 or the Illinois Department on Aging Help Line at 1-866-800-1409.
  • Call the statewide, 24-hour Adult Protective Services Hotline at 1-866-800-1409.
  • Reach out to a national helpline such as RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).
  • Contact 911 if you or your loved one is ever in immediate danger.
  • File a police report with the local authorities.
  • Contact an experienced nursing home sexual abuse attorney in your area. A lawyer can help you determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the at fault party as well as offer counsel and advice to help you better understand your situation and options.
  • Head to this page on the Illinois Department of Aging website to read more about reporting known or suspected sexual abuse.

At Ferrell Young, LLC, we are available to provide support, advice, and representation whenever you need it. Whether you are prepared to take legal action or need someone to talk to, our Chicago nursing home sexual abuse attorneys are here to offer the assistance you need.

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