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Warning Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect

Chicago lawyers explain what to look for, how to know

When nursing home neglect occurs, there are often warning signs that something is wrong. Know those signs and trust your instincts. Talk to an experienced Chicago nursing home neglect attorney at Ferrell Young, LLC. We know the warning signs. We know what evidence to look for. And we’re prepared to get to work on your legal case now.

We know how overwhelming injuries caused by nursing home neglect can be for everyone involved. That’s why we want to help. Simply contact us and schedule a free consultation. We can answer your questions and explain your legal options.

What are the warning signs of nursing home neglect?

There are many different warning signs that a nursing home resident is being neglected and suffering, including:

  • Poor hygiene – One of the most common signs of nursing home neglect, poor hygiene can include residents not bathing, soiled clothing, bad teeth or body odor. It’s the nursing home’s responsibility to make sure residents are clean and hygienic.
  • Unsanitary living conditions – This can include dirty bedsheets, rotting food left in living areas, rodents in the facility or other health code violations. Such unhygienic living conditions should never exist in nursing homes.
  • Unexplained illnesses – From unexplained infections (including Sepsis) to flu or frequent colds, nursing home residents who are constantly sick may be victims of neglect.
  • Unexplained injuries – This can include untreated injuries (including broken bones due to slip and fall injuries), unexplained bruises, cuts, lacerations, or sores. Nursing homes have a responsibility to prevent injuries as much as possible and to provide injured residents with medical care.
  • Sudden weight loss – Many neglected nursing home residents lose weight due to malnutrition, not being fed enough or not being fed nutritious food. Whatever the circumstances, unexplained weight loss is often a telltale sign of nursing home neglect.

What should I do if I suspect nursing home neglect?

If you suspect nursing home neglect based on various warning signs, take the following steps right away:

  • Tell the nursing home your concerns. If you are not comfortable doing so, one of our Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers can help you do this.
  • Document the warning signs of nursing home neglect. Often, this involves taking photos of such warning signs. Other times, you might simply write down what you saw or observed in the nursing home.
  • When documenting warning signs of nursing home neglect, make sure to write down or record exactly when and where you saw such evidence.
  • If someone observed neglect, make sure to write down their full name and contact information, especially if they don’t live or work at the nursing home. That way, investigators can interview them later. This is very important since eyewitness statements can be powerful pieces of evidence in support of a nursing home neglect claim or lawsuit.
  • Contact our law firm as soon as possible. We know what warning signs to look for and how to investigate such sensitive legal cases.

Who investigates nursing home neglect in Illinois?

In most cases, most nursing home neglect allegations are investigated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. In addition, law enforcement officials – including local police officers or state troopers from the Illinois State Police – might investigate if a crime has been committed.

But it’s important to understand the scope of such investigations. These local and state officials are focused on whether the nursing home violated any state or federal laws. They’re not concerned with whether or not you receive financial compensation for your injury-related expenses, which can quickly add up, especially if someone needs extensive medical care.

This is why you need our legal team on your side, conducting an independent investigation. Our Chicago attorneys can demand the maximum financial compensation you deserve. That way, your family will not have to pay for mistakes made by nursing homes that result in serious injuries or illnesses.

How can a Chicago nursing home neglect lawyer help?

You only have one opportunity to get the money you deserve to pay for medical care and other expenses due to nursing home neglect. Insurance companies, especially the ones that represent nursing homes, know what’s at stake and will often do everything they can to reduce or deny injury claims.

Our legal team can fight back and help you build the strongest possible legal case. Our comprehensive approach involves carefully researching and gathering evidence to build a strong case. This is why we take warning signs of nursing home neglect seriously. Many times, this is a sign that something’s seriously wrong.

Trust your instincts. Contact our law firm and schedule a free case evaluation. Our team of Chicago nursing home neglect lawyers can get right to work on your complex case. Make an appointment online or call us today. Se habla Español.

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